Get a head start on your career by becoming a #SpectrumGrad

The Broadspectrum Graduate Program is a 2 year program consisting of 2 x 6 month rotations and 1 x 12 month rotation, commencing in January each year. With Broadspectrum operating in an extensive range of sectors, we are able to offer opportunities for multiple types of graduates:

  • Business
  • Information Technology
  • Commercial
  • Legal
  • Communication
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Marketing
  • Engineering
  • Mining Oil and Gas
  • Environmental
  • Procurement
  • Finance
  • Project Management
  • Human Resources/HSE
  • Technical

* Please see active job listings for information on current available positions

The program will provide you with extensive learning and development opportunities through face-to-face training, workshops, team building exercises, case studies, seminars, online modules, networking events and more. You will be provided with many opportunities to establish relationships with clients and senior stakeholders of the business and, above all, gain hands-on experience within your field of expertise. In addition to this, your rotations will take you out of your comfort zone by giving you the chance to work in both corporate and field-work environments.

What is a #SpectrumGrad?

A #SpectrumGrad is a future leader of Broadspectrum, whether it be as a manager or as a thought leader within your field. You are joining us because you believe in our vision and values. You are able to see the wide range of opportunities Broadspectrum has to offer in terms of responsibilities, disciplines, projects, progression and locations – national and international.

1. Application

Submit your application by clicking on the Graduate Job ad that best matches your qualifications.

2. Initial Screening

The initial screening is conducted to ensure you fulfil the basic eligibility criteria in terms of work rights, graduation date and relevant undergraduate degree. We view your CV, Cover Letter and Academic Transcript.

3. Psychometric Online Assessment

The online assessment consists of two parts: cognitive testing and behavioural testing. The main purpose is to evaluate if Broadspectrum is the best place for you and your growth, which is why it is very important to answer as accurately as possible.

4. Video Screening

The video screening is a short interview conducted with pre-determined questions. You will be sent a link with further instructions, and at a time suitable to you, simply record the answers to the questions. Remember, this is an interview. We recommend that you treat it as professionally as you would a real face-to-face situation.

5. Face to Face Interview

You then have the chance to be invited to a face-to-face interview, were you get to meet two or three Broadspectrum employees for about 1 hour. This usually involves a Talent Acquisition Specialist, a Graduate & Talent Advisor, and a senior representative from your chosen discipline. Make sure you prepare appropriately, and keep in mind that this is just as much an opportunity for you to get to know Broadspectrum better, as it is for us to get to know you.

6. Reference and Medical Checks

We will request to speak to one or two of your referees. We will also send you instructions on how to conduct the medical check to ensure we meet our health and safety requirements.

7. Job Offer

Congratulations, you are becoming a #SpectrumGrad!

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