Meet Our People


"Every day something new happens and I’m always learning and developing. It’s a great experience to be working with the latest technology. I work in a strong team, and they’re really smart guys – they’ve helped me become more knowledgeable. It’s a great open-minded culture and people listen to each other. Opinions are always welcomed and no one is dictatorial – it’s very collaborative."
Diego Moreno, Assistant Designer

"Broadspectrum certainly don’t hold you back. After only a few years of joining Broadspectrum I was running key projects by myself. I have great support from my boss and make sure I do the same for the people working with me. In fact, support is something you experience no matter where you are in the company. And while people are motivated by the company’s culture we also enjoy a range of awards for innovative ideas or exceptional job performance. Speaking of innovation, Broadspectrum employees come from a wide range of backgrounds so we’re always learning from each other. Looking to the future, I can see nothing but opportunities, and the more opportunities that you take, the greater your rewards."
Everald Foster, Project Manager, Roadway Maintenance Transport

"In our team people bring a broad range of skill sets and experiences that are advantageous to our overall performance, and they share that experience with others to help them learn. The people here are friendly; it’s a very cohesive work environment and the culture of the company is very inclusive. It’s great that we are recognised for our achievements and often stories of our achievements are shared amongst the team. Broadspectrum presents opportunities to up-skill and improve the individuals, and they will listen and help where they can. We’re encouraged to progress and develop, so I can see a bright future ahead of me!"
Brooke Guy, Production Clerk

"The diversity of our team is a big part of our success – we’ve got people from a whole lot of different cultures and walks of life. It fosters mutual respect, and getting on well means we also work better as a team with all sorts of skill sets and experience to draw from. Getting on well makes the work easier, like a sports team that knows what their teammates are thinking – things just flow. Broadspectrum is also a big company that feels small, in a good way, due to the sense of community. I even had the CEO of Easternwell give me a call when I had to take time off for a personal emergency. It gives me everything I look for in a job."
Jeremy Paii, Derrickman

"I started at Broadspectrum as a labourer but my bosses sensed I had potential and helped get me an administrative role, and since then I’ve moved into a procurement role. The great thing was that my managers constantly looked at my skills, not just my CV, and helped me steer my career appropriately. And because you never do just one specific job at Broadspectrum you learn and grow quickly. Since I started here the company has diversified a lot. What I like most about Broadspectrum is that you are constantly encouraged to improve yourself, whether it is through training, promotions or awards programs. People want you to succeed and Broadspectrum do everything they can to make sure that happens."
Ashley Bloom, Purchaser

"The company gets behind your personal development in the context of your current job. Within reason, you can really follow your passion and there are systems in place to support that. There is also a great program to ensure that your performance is rewarded, and it has a massive impact. The formal award structure makes those who are recognised really proud. Management also encourages networking, diversifying and learning more about the company, which provides benefits both ways. You provide better value to Broadspectrum and at the same time you can take advantage of broader career opportunities."
Ruth Churchill, Alliance Manager, Blue Scope Steel Alliance

"We’re a pretty like-minded team, but individual opinions are welcomed and people are empowered in their jobs. It’s a performance-orientated culture and there are always goals to work to that are celebrated with recognition when achieved. You’re also allowed to “fail” – to try new things, and take a risk without major fear of reprisal. I’ve been with Broadspectrum a long time now because of the endless opportunities in different roles and a lot of those were offered to me as part of my ongoing career development – all I had to do was demonstrate my capabilities and they helped me achieve the rest."
Kip Anderson, National Program Manager