Health, Safety and Wellbeing















Health, Safety and Wellbeing

The Safety, Health and Wellbeing of our workforce is Broadspectrum’s highest priority, transcending geographic lines and exceeding industry norms.

With an embedded leader-led policy of ‘Zero Harm to Anyone, Anytime’, Broadspectrum places absolute importance on the physical safety of employees, ensuring all workers are equipped with the knowledge and resources to perform work in a manner that mitigates the potential for harm to arise.

The ‘Zero Harm to Anyone, Anytime’ policy does not discriminate – mental health and wellbeing is an equally important element of our holistic safety culture. Together, we play an active role in normalising informal conversations about mental wellbeing, and also provide access to structured support networks, whether in-house or via an external confidential Employee Assistance Program.

All employees are encouraged to demonstrate safety-leading behaviours, to take charge of their wellbeing and foster an environment conducive to ‘Zero Harm to Anyone, Anytime’.

We partner with clients and sub-contractors who abide by our interrelated pillars of Safety, Health and Wellness and request the adoption of our internal policies which exceed industry norms.

If Safety, Health and Wellness are priorities you share with us, you can be confident that Broadspectrum will provide you with a secure working environment.