Health, Safety and Wellbeing


Health, Safety and Wellbeing

At Ventia, we put the safety and health of our people, our clients and our communities above all else. It is a fundamental guiding principle for everything we do at Ventia. 

People are the heart of our business and there is nothing more important than ensuring everyone gets to go home safely, every single day. We also care deeply about our impact on the environment and the legacy we leave for future generations. 

Taking a unified approach to Safety, Health, Environment & Quality across all our businesses helps us deliver our services both safely and sustainably. Underpinning our approach is the belief that each of us shares in the responsibility for the safety of our people, our projects, the environment and the communities in which we work.   

Our leaders have an important role to play – continuously seeking ways to lead, demonstrate and communicate positive safety behaviours. They inspire and challenge their teams to continuously improve, every day and in everything we do. 


At Ventia, we want our employees to be safe, healthy and to thrive. Healthy employees are the greatest asset a company can have. That’s why we’re building a culture which puts safety first and supports both the mental and physical wellbeing of our people.  

In 2019 we launched the Healthy Minds program to improve awareness of mental illness and in turn help to reduce mental health stigma and support those with mental health conditions. Our Healthy Bodies program is focused on the physical wellbeing of employees, comprising a range of health and wellbeing initiatives, and providing early intervention injury management services to employees and contractors. 

Our approach to health and safety is recognised to be of the highest standard of quality and consistency and this inspires the confidence of our employees, our clients and all the stakeholders that we set out to protect and support. If these are priorities that you share with us, click here to learn more out more about working with our teams.